Important questions you need to before hiring a company that deals in property management anaheim ca

Investing in the real estate industry can prove to be a wonderful long-term business idea. Such property can reward its owner with regular and stable returns as long as the property is property managed. If you are planning to venture into the industry, it would be wise for you to ensure that you launch into be the industry in the right way. Granted, there are rules and regulations that you must fulfill before setting up your enterprise. To ensure that you start on the right foot, it is advised that you consider hiring a property management Anaheim Ca company which will guide you through the entire process and even take up the management of the property on your behalf.images

Choosing an ideal property management to advise you on matters that concern property management can prove to be a taunting affair. Below are some questions you can use as a guide in the process of interviewing a potential property management company.

  1. What is your experience in property management? – This is an important question because it will prove to you that the company has what it takes to handle your project. Further, you need to know how long they have been in the business and if they can show you samples of their portfolio with you so that you can gauge what to expect from the property management company.
  2. How many properties is the company managing at the moment? – It is important that you ensure that the company is not overspread in its current engagements to an extent that they might treat your project as an afterthought. A reputable property management company will assign a project manager to handle your project.
  3. What is the frequency of your inspections? – Knowing how many times or how regularly the company inspects both vacant and occupied buildings will boost your confidence because it will inform you that potential and actual damages to the property will be detected early to prevent further damage and accidents.
  4. How do you handle after-hours emergencies? – You need to ensure that the potential property management company has a manned emergency line that tenants can call in cases of emergencies. You need to further ensure that the company has an elaborate and efficient procedure it follows when responding to during and after hour emergencies.
  5. How is the company’s tenant selection plan (TSP)- You will need to interrogate the company concerning its tenant selection plan and check if the company customize the TSP to fit your needs. The TSP is important because it will determine the criteria that will be used to select tenants that will be admitted to rent the
  6. How much do you charge for the services? – The cost of the services offered by the property management company should be an important consideration. When discussing the cost, also ensure that you have been briefed on what the cost covers.

Although the list above is not conclusive, it however sets some key questions that can be used to as a guide in the process of selecting a suitable company that does property management anaheim ca.

San Diego Property Management Firm Companies: Top Rental Success Secrets

Thinking about hiring a property management firm? If you live San Diego, property management firm companies are everywhere, but finding the right firm and tenant is important. Use these top tips from successful firms who know what to look for to help you with your property management needs:property-management-licensing-how-to-get-licensed1

The Tenant Screening Process

It’s not just about who has the deposit and first month’s rent. To begin with, your property management company will have a thorough screening process. Not only are they looking for good credit, but they have several key factors to help decide which tenants will be the best fit for your property. Whether you are looking for someone for a condo, co-op, private home or apartment, these tips can help:

  • Reliable tenants have a consistent rent history year after year and pay on time
  • Long term tenants also have a good credit report with no red flags like judgments
  • Tenants that are screened thoroughly ahead of time for savings and rent history will consistently make payments even if they have a job loss or change in jobs

In choosing a property management company, they will be well versed in how to complete thorough background checks, they will run the appropriate print and online ads and go through all fees, deposits and bill payments that the tenant needs to know about thereby ensuring they make the rent rolls each month consistently.

When your property management company looks at various factors such as debt to income ratios, this can help you to find tenants that can afford to be in the property long term. Ask about any savings or retirement money that the person has as a back up to help ensure that they have enough for themselves. This is included in the rental application and can help with screenings.

Avoid Legal Red Flags

Experienced property management companies will look for different types of red flags that may come up. This can help to minimize any headaches in the future. Property management companies want to ensure the properties are kept safe for tenants. They also cannot discriminate against future tenants as each state has fair housing laws that they must adhere to. Property management firms can:

  • Ensure they don’t run print and online ads that will not discriminate against tenants
  • Confirm the buildings are safe and have hazard signs for wet floors, or signs up if the elevator is shut down for repairs.
  • They can also ensure ramps are always accessible for tenants with disabilities

When a property management firm does all it can to obey the fair housing laws, this makes it safer for all tenants to enjoy the property and use it safely. No one wants a legal matter over a sign that wasn’t put up about a wet floor, or a driveway that wasn’t cleared in a storm. Take the time to avoid any areas that can lead to injuries.images

Running the Right Ads

There’s a balance to finding the right tenants. Your property management firm will try to get the most qualified applicants into the property and help to keep them there. When marketing to potential clients, try to show the property’s best assets, the mature landscaping, convenience to nearby stores and so forth. This can raise the chance of potential tenants applying, thereby increasing the number of applications for review.

By keeping the property safe and helping tenants enjoy their time there; this can minimize turnovers and help to ensure a positive return on investment for owners for a long time to come!

Why Property Management in DC Is an Absolute Necessity

Washington, D.C., the federal capitol, is a sizable city with dozens of rental properties. Many of these properties are within walking distance of federal government buildings so that the thousands of federal employees can easily traverse on foot in the morning to work. However, given the iconic landmarks all around and the proximity to buildings that represent the nation, D.C. is in greater need of property management than any other city in the country. There are several more reasons for needing better property management in D.C., and why it is an absolute necessity.A pair of hands holding a small house.  Real estate or insurance concept.

The first reason is that there is no excuse for properties to look run down or “slummy” when they exist in the heart of the nation’s capitol. Everything should look clean, neat and inviting. Many of the world’s dignitaries and diplomatic representatives drive around D.C., and you would not want the properties you manage to look like something from an underdeveloped country. There are even land development grants for property owners in D.C. so that you can give your properties a much-needed “facelift” and make them as attractive as the richest parts of town.

The second reason is that there are many state representatives who do not permanently reside in D.C. and go home to their home states when they do not have to be “in-house” or “in session.” These representatives frequently look for inexpensive places to live temporarily, and they will not rent from any property owner whose manager does not keep the property looking nice. To get and keep the business of these esteemed temporary tenants, you have to have a very good property manager who promotes available apartments, sells well, and keeps things tidy and running smoothly.

The third reason is that living conditions for anyone granted amnesty in the nation’s capitol need to be far better than they were in the country they came from. These refugees should not come from a place where living with rats and disease was common to receiving refuge in an apartment complex that still has a rodent problem. Good property management in D.C. means taking care of all of these problems and making them non-issues so that refugees can begin to build a better life, or at least have a cleaner, healthier, safer place to live.images

Lastly, for every wealthy government representative, there is a less well-off house employee who needs good, clean housing. Many domestics for D.C.’s wealthiest residents may live in-house with the families who hire them, but there are still hundreds more that do not. These domestics, such as cooks, nannies, au pairs, personal trainers, chauffeurs, errand runners (or “gophers”), all live in the many apartment buildings you (and other proprietors) own and operate, and they are the backbone of America. You can show your country’s leaders support by first showing their house staff respect via respectable housing with working plumbing and electricity. Otherwise, the domestics might whisper something into just the right political ear in Washington and you could be facing stiff penalties for not keeping your properties up to code and obeying the city’s property maintenance laws.

Denver Property Management in the Colorado Rockies: Luxury Vacation Properties

The “Mile-High City” is famous for its beautiful and picturesque Rocky Mountains. Here, people from around the globe and around the U.S. flock to the mountains for the skiing. Christmas and New Year’s ski trips are exceedingly popular, and next to the Swiss Alps, Colorado’s mountains are the most popular skiing

So, what does that mean for property owners and property managers? Denver property management in the Rockies means luxury vacations, and owners and managers have to live up to much higher standards (almost as high as the Rockies themselves!). This includes immaculate skiing chalets, cabins so tidy you can eat off of their wooden floors, and resorts and spas that take guests’ breath away. You may be involved in some of the cleaning personally, depending on what company or business you work for, or you may manage a cleaning team that makes sure everything passes inspection before new guests arrive and the team can move on to clean the next room, cabin, bungalow, etc.

Occasionally, you will receive some very famous guests and some unusual requests for these guests while they stay on your property. As property manager, you should do your best to make these famous guests feel quite at home and quite welcome while also observing their need for privacy. This often includes not announcing their presence or allowing any of your staff to leak this information to the press. Paparazzi could not only make your famous guests’ stay unpleasant, but they would also make quite a mess of the property in an attempt to get close to your famous guests.

In addition to spotless perfection, you will also have to show guests around. It is generally helpful and courteous to point out all of the most popular entertainment attractions to guests as well as the highlights of the place in which they are staying. It helps if you have a background in real estate when you enter this line of work, since a lot of the showing and booking of vacation spaces is very similar to showing and selling real estate. However, the right candidates may not necessarily have a background in real estate. As long as you are flexible, mature, responsible, timely and willing to learn in a fast-paced environment, you will do just fine as a property manager in Colorado.

home-property-managementSince you are working in a state that has recently legalized some uses of cannabis (marijuana), you may from time to time have employees approach you about what they have found in a room or cabin after a guest has checked out. You should try to encourage or enforce that all of your property employees refrain from removing these substances in their lines of work and taking them home or pocketing them. When found, drugs of any kind should be turned into your office and then locked in a safe. The guests may return for their property (if they carry a medical marijuana card and are allowed to have it), in which case it should be returned. In the event that any other substances are found, or if the cannabis is not reclaimed by the guest, it should be turned over to the Colorado police. The police will know what to do with it from there, and you, your staff and your establishment will not face any legal troubles for following Colorado drug policies.

Managing Beachfront Property: Tips for Santa Monica Property Managers

Managing beachfront property has its own set of challenges. In Santa Monica, this is especially true. If you are not managing one of many apartment buildings that skirt the beaches of this city, you are managing one or more of the beach houses right on the dunes. Here are some tips to help you as a property manager when this is all very new to you and you want to impress your boss(es).images

Tip One–find out what the laws are regarding landlords and beachfront or on-the-beach properties. Does the city expect property managers to keep the beach clean when the beach is part of the property, or because the beach has public access can you skip that? Even if the city of Santa Monica does not expect landlords and property managers to keep the beach clean, you may still want to pick up the occasional piece of rubbish or set out a trash can to help keep the beaches clean for your tenants and the rest of the public.

Tip Two–make sure your tenants are not having wild parties because of their proximity to the beach. It is always very tempting for new tenants to throw a party and then make quite a mess and quite a disturbance because they are reminded of their spring break in college with the beach as close as it is. If they are renting a property already on the beach, just make sure they clean things up the next morning so that the litter does not have a negative impact on the ocean and wildlife. If you are required to pick up after their wild party, then you might want to check up on these tenants once or twice their first weekend in the beach house just to make sure things are not getting out of hand.

Tip Three–check the properties after every storm. With the way the winds, rain and waves pummel a beach, some of your beach houses that you manage may be worse for the wear. Beachfront apartment houses may survive just fine, with little to no damage, but houses on the beach might require your immediate attention. Tropical storms can be quite brutal in Santa Monica, and tidal waves or Tsunamis are not unheard of, which is all the more reason why you should check on the properties you manage as soon as possible after a force of nature has hit.p_management_img1

Tip Four–repaint at least once a year. The hot, Santa Monica sun can really eat through paint. Most beach houses are either whitewashed or painted bright colors, as are the accents on the beachfront apartment buildings. As the wind, sun and weather beats at the structures, the paint colors fade and peel, leaving just a rough driftwood color poking through. As the apartment manager, you will need to resurface and repaint these areas. Whether you do the job personally (because your boss and property owner requires it of you) or you hire it out to house painters, it has to be done to keep the properties looking their best and keep tenants content.