Denver Property Management in the Colorado Rockies: Luxury Vacation Properties

The “Mile-High City” is famous for its beautiful and picturesque Rocky Mountains. Here, people from around the globe and around the U.S. flock to the mountains for the skiing. Christmas and New Year’s ski trips are exceedingly popular, and next to the Swiss Alps, Colorado’s mountains are the most popular skiing

So, what does that mean for property owners and property managers? Denver property management in the Rockies means luxury vacations, and owners and managers have to live up to much higher standards (almost as high as the Rockies themselves!). This includes immaculate skiing chalets, cabins so tidy you can eat off of their wooden floors, and resorts and spas that take guests’ breath away. You may be involved in some of the cleaning personally, depending on what company or business you work for, or you may manage a cleaning team that makes sure everything passes inspection before new guests arrive and the team can move on to clean the next room, cabin, bungalow, etc.

Occasionally, you will receive some very famous guests and some unusual requests for these guests while they stay on your property. As property manager, you should do your best to make these famous guests feel quite at home and quite welcome while also observing their need for privacy. This often includes not announcing their presence or allowing any of your staff to leak this information to the press. Paparazzi could not only make your famous guests’ stay unpleasant, but they would also make quite a mess of the property in an attempt to get close to your famous guests.

In addition to spotless perfection, you will also have to show guests around. It is generally helpful and courteous to point out all of the most popular entertainment attractions to guests as well as the highlights of the place in which they are staying. It helps if you have a background in real estate when you enter this line of work, since a lot of the showing and booking of vacation spaces is very similar to showing and selling real estate. However, the right candidates may not necessarily have a background in real estate. As long as you are flexible, mature, responsible, timely and willing to learn in a fast-paced environment, you will do just fine as a property manager in Colorado.

home-property-managementSince you are working in a state that has recently legalized some uses of cannabis (marijuana), you may from time to time have employees approach you about what they have found in a room or cabin after a guest has checked out. You should try to encourage or enforce that all of your property employees refrain from removing these substances in their lines of work and taking them home or pocketing them. When found, drugs of any kind should be turned into your office and then locked in a safe. The guests may return for their property (if they carry a medical marijuana card and are allowed to have it), in which case it should be returned. In the event that any other substances are found, or if the cannabis is not reclaimed by the guest, it should be turned over to the Colorado police. The police will know what to do with it from there, and you, your staff and your establishment will not face any legal troubles for following Colorado drug policies.